Author: Monica Bello

Primary Source Study of “We Did It Before (And We Can Do It Again)”


At the start of the Second World War in September of 1939, America was decidedly uninvolved in the conflict. Despite trading and providing supplies to member countries of the Allied forces, the decision to become directly involved in the war effort would come later in December of 1941. After almost 15 months of strained relationships and a year of planning on the offensive side, Japan ordered an airstrike on the American island of Hawaii, at the naval base of Pearl Harbor. This attack shook the nation as citizens were faced with the first foreign attack directly targeting the United States since the First World War. As word of the attack spread and reactions began, “We Did It Before And We Can Do It Again” was penned by popular songwriters Cliff Friend and Charles Tobias. The composition was written the same day as the attack, one of the firsts of its kind during American involvement in the war (Stickles 158). Just days later, the song hit the radio and the ears of America. Read more